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JPG to Word (OCR)

JPG to Word (OCR) Converter Form
Local JPG File: (*.JPG; *.PNG)
Output Format: DOCX   DOC   RTF   TXT

Use this form to upload a JPG file and convert the JPG file to editable Word file. The layout will be kept in the output Word file.

1. Click the "Choose File" button (different web browsers may have different button names such as "browse..."), a browse window will open, select a local JPG or PNG file and click the "Open" button.
2. Select a Word format, click the "Convert Now!" button to convert. Wait a few seconds for the file conversion to finish. This online program supports:

  • DOCX: Microsoft Office Word 2007/2010/2013/2016
  • DOC: Microsoft Office Word 95/6.0/97/2000/XP/2003
  • RTF: Rich Text Format
  • TXT: Plain Text Format

3. You can directly download the output Word file on your web browser after conversion. No email address required to receive files.

Notice: This form is for OCR conversion only. Click here if you want to convert JPG files to Word file without OCR processing.

Optical character recognition (OCR): Optical character recognition (OCR) is the conversion of images into text. It is widely used as a form of data entry from printed paper data records, whether passport documents, invoices, bank statements, computerized receipts, business cards, mail, printouts of static-data, or any suitable documentation. It is a common method of digitizing printed texts so that it can be electronically edited, searched, stored more compactly, displayed online, and used in machine processes such as machine translation, text-to-speech, key data and text mining. OCR is a field of research in pattern recognition, artificial intelligence and computer vision.