PDFConvert Interface

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PDFConvert Interface


After installing PDFConvert software, click Start - Programs - PDFConvert - PDFConvert to run.

PDFConvert's interface is clean and easy-to-use.

1. Title - The title shows "PDFConvert - Registered" if it's registered version, otherwise it shows "PDFConvert - Unregistered" or "PDFConvert - Expired".

2. Main Menu - Click on "Create PDF", "Convert PDF", "Settings" or "About" link.

3. Submenu - Click main menu to show submenu. The submenu is listed on the left with icons and text.

4. File List - Click submenu to show File List. You can click buttons on the top to add, remove, clear or move files.

5. Output Settings - Click a file to change its output settings. PDFConvert will use default settings if you pass this step.

6. Convert Button - Click the Convert button below to start converting.

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