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Help Manual - How to add document files

Add document files

add document files

After installing PDFConvert software, click Start - Programs - PDFConvert - PDFConvert to run.

Click the "Create PDF" Toolbar, a list of buttons show on the left: "Text to PDF", "Word to PDF", "HTML to PDF", "CHM to PDF", "ePub to PDF" and "Mobi to PDF".

Click on a button, then click the "Add Files" to add local document files. You can choose files filtered by document type. You can also directly drag files from file explorer and drop to list.

Here lists the document type and document extended name that PDFConvert supports.

Supported Document formats
Document Type: Document Extended Name:
Hypertext Markup Language *.HTM; *.HTML; *.XHTML
Extensible Markup Language *.XML
Uniform resource locator HTTP://*
Image Files *.JPG; *.TIF; *.BMP; *.PNG; *.WMF; *.GIF and more
Word Document *.DOC; *.DOCX
Rich Text Format *.RTF
Electronic Publication *.EPUB
MobiPocket *.MOBI
DjVu Document *.DJVU
Microsoft Compiled HTML Help *.CHM
Plain Text *.TXT

The files selected will be shown on the list. You can select a document file on the list and click the "Drag Up" or "Drag Down" button to adjust its position.

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