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PDF to PNM Converter Form
Local PDF File: (*.PDF)
Render DPI: (1-150)

Use this form to upload a local PDF file and convert the PDF file to PNM (*.PNM) file.

1. Click the "Choose File" button (different web browsers may have different button names such as "browse..."), a browse window will open, select a local Adobe PDF file and click the "Open" button.
2. Set the render DPI value (integer from 1 to 150, default 72). Click the "Convert Now!" button to convert. Wait a few seconds for the file conversion to finish.
3. Each PDF page will be saved as one independent PNM file. You can download or view the PNM files on your web browser after conversion. No email address required to receive files.

Render DPI: DPI refers to the physical dot density of an image when it is reproduced as a real physical entity, for example printed onto paper, displayed on a monitor, or in this case rendered to image. The default value is 72. A value of 72 will output the same result as Acrobat when the zoom level is 100%. Higher values export better-quality images.

PNM Image Format: The PNM (portable network map) family of formats are very simple uncompressed image formats commonly used on unix-like systems. They are particularly useful for testing or as input to an external conversion utility. A Netpbm format is any graphics format used and defined by the Netpbm project. The portable pixmap format (PPM), the portable graymap format (PGM) and the portable bitmap format (PBM) are image file formats designed to be easily exchanged between platforms. They are also sometimes referred to collectively as the portable anymap format (PNM).