Optimize PDF

Optimize PDF online or by software for Windows

Optimize PDF

Many PDF files carry excessive weight. The large file size requires more time to download, slows down reading performance, creates email problems and printer jams, and can be a source of user frustration.

PDF format has become very popular on the Web, but many PDF files are designed for high quality print output while not optimized for the Web. It's a good idea to aim for the smallest possible file size to share PDF online.

In PDFConvert 2.0 and later versions, we introduce a new PDF tool to optimize PDF size.

Optimize PDF Online

PDF Compressor Form
Local PDF File:

Use this form to compress PDF file and reduce PDF file size.

1. Click the "Choose File" button (different web browsers may have different button names such as "browse..."), a browse window will open, select a local Adobe PDF file and click the "Open" button.
2. Click the "Compress Now!" button to compress. Wait a few seconds for the task to finish.
3. You can download or view the output PDF file on your web browser when task is complete. No email address required to receive files.

Optimize PDF software

After installing PDFConvert software, click Start - Programs - PDFConvert - PDFConvert to run.

Click the "PDF Tools" Toolbar, Click the "Optimize PDF" button on the left, click the "Add Files" button. Browse windows will be opened, choose local PDF files (*.pdf) and click Open.

The files selected will be shown on the list. Choose one or more optimizer options to optimize your PDF files. The optimizer options include:

  • Remove metadata in PDF
  • Remove javascript in PDF
  • Remove all comments in PDF
  • Remove embedded files in PDF
  • Remove custom data in PDF
  • Remove all form actions in PDF
  • Recompress data stream in PDF
  • Compress images in PDF
  • Compress PDF content
  • Remove bookmarks in PDF

Optimize PDF command line

The PDF optimizer command line program is not available yet. Please check back later.