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Help Manual - How to select document type

Select document type

select document type

After installing PDFConvert software, click Start - Programs - PDFConvert - PDFConvert to run.

You can choose output document type after adding PDF files into list. For example: If you want to convert PDF to Word document, you can choose output from "Rich Text Format (*.rtf)", "Microsoft Word 97-2003 (*.doc)" and "Microsoft Word (*.docx)".

Here lists the output document type and document extended name that PDFConvert supports.

Supported Document formats
Document Type: Document Extended Name:
Hypertext Markup Language *.HTML
Image Files *.JPG; *.TIF; *.BMP; *.PNG; *.WMF; *.GIF and more
Word Document *.DOC; *.DOCX
Rich Text Format *.RTF
Electronic Publication *.EPUB
Plain Text *.TXT
Flash File *.SWF

After selecting output document type, click Convert Now! button to start converting.

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