Command Line

PDF converter command line interface

Command Line

Sometimes you may need to convert PDF files in background silently without windows pop up, you can use our PDFConvert command line interface to do that.

After installing PDFConvert software, enter "CMD" in run window to enter command line mode, go to the directory that PDFConvert installed, usually it's at "C:\Program Files\PDFConvert" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\PDFConvert", enter "pdfconvert.exe /?" to show PDFConvert command line help.

PDFConvert command line

The supported commands are: pdfconvert /i /o /cs /pt /ps /pa /pk /pw /ph /gr /gs /po /wt /wfn /wfs /wfc /wft /wi /wiw /wih /wo /wr /wul /wut /op /ep /edt /ept /pst /bm /af /as /ri /ci /ai /pio /p ir /pis /piq /pto /ptm /pte /pwo /pho.

Some commands information are listed below. Click here for more commands information.

Parameter Description Format Default Value
/i input files, use ";" separation, such as "file_a;file_b;file_c"    
/o output folder    
/cs operation code:
1000: convert image file to pdf file
2000: convert text file to pdf file
3000: convert Microsoft Word Document file to pdf file
4000: convert html file to pdf file
5000: convert chm file to pdf file
6000: convert epub file to pdf file
7000: convert mobi file to pdf file
8000: convert pdf file to image file
9000: convert pdf file to text file
10000: convert pdf file to Microsoft Word Document file
11000: convert pdf file to html file
12000: convert pdf file to epub file
13000: convert pdf file to chm file
/pt Set PDF file Title information   blank
/ps Set PDF file Subject information   blank
/pa Set PDF file Author information   blank
/pk Set PDF file Keywords information   blank
/pw Set PDF file page width (the unit is inches)   8.27 inches
/ph Set PDF file page height (the unit is inches)   11.69 inches
/po Set PDF file page orientation 0: Portait,1: Landscape 0
/wt Set PDF file text watermarks information   blank
/wi Set PDF file image watermarks picture file path    
/op Set PDF file user password   blank
/ep Set PDF file owner password   blank
/edt Set PDF file copy restrictions of text, image and other context 0 or 1(0: can't copy, 1: can copy)  
/ept Set PDF file printing restrictions 0 or 1 (0: can't print, 1: can print)  
/pst Set PDF file encryption algorithm between 0 and 2(0: 40bit, 1: 128bit AES, 2: 128bit ARC-FOUR)  
/bm Set output mode 1 or 2 (1: output single pdf file, 2: output multiple pdf files)  
/pio Set output image format between 0 and 5 (0: JPEG file, 1:Bitmap file, 2: PNG file, 3: TIFF file, 4: GIF file, 5:EPS file) JPEG file
/pir Set output image resolution between 72 and 300 72
/pis Set output image scale rate between 1 and 500 100 (%)
/piq Set output image quality between 1 and 100 100
/pto Set output text format 0 or 1 (0: normal text, 1: CSV text) normal text
/ptm Set output mode 0 or 1 (0:output single text file, 1: output multiple text file of per page)  
/pte Set output text encoding format between 0 and 3 (0: ANSI format, 1: Unicode format, 2:BigEndianUnicode format, 3: UTF8 format) UTF8 format
/pwo Set output Microsoft Word document file format between 0 and 2(0: RTF file, 1:Word 97~2003 Doc file(.doc), 2: Word file(.docx)), Word file(.docx)
/pho Set output HTML file format 0 or 1 (0: XHTML file, 1: HTML5 file) XHTML file


Here are some examples showing how to use the command line interface. Click here for more examples.

This command will convert local Word file "c:\word\1.docx" to PDF file "c:\pdf\1.pdf".
pdfconvert.exe /cs 3000 /i "c:\word\1.docx" /o "c:\pdf"

This command will convert local PDF file "c:\pdf\1.pdf" to image file "c:\image\1.png".
pdfconvert.exe /cs 8000 /i "c:\pdf\1.pdf" /o "c:\image" /pio 2

This command will add user password "abcdef", owner password "123456" and restrictions to local PDF file "c:\pdf\1.pdf", and save file to "c:\pdf2\1.pdf".
pdfconvert.exe /i "c:\pdf\1.pdf" /o "c:\pdf2" /op abcdef /ep 123456 /edt 0 /ept 0